Red Sox

MLB Notebook: Scouting reports on the newest Red Sox acquisitions; are the Sox too lefthanded on the mound?

The Red Sox had made some moves this winter. They haven't been big ones, admittedly, but they have added a handful of players to their 40-man roster.

We thought this would be a good time to check in with some scouts and talent evaluators who've seen them and provide some background and projection on them.

LHP MARTIN PEREZ (signed to a one-year, $6 million deal for 2020 with a club option for $6.25 million. His 2020 contract calls for a $5.5 million and a $500,000 buyout.)

"I've seen him pitch great and I've seen him be pretty bad. That's why he's on his third team in three years. If his focus is intact and he prepares, he can be a nice back-end starter. To me, he's always underachieved -- he should be a better pitcher than he's been. One theory is that he's been hiding injuries and pitching through some (physical things). I think he used to pretty hard off the field, more as a follower than a leader. Maybe that's changed. If they've got him focused and he can prepare for starts properly, he should be fine. He's a solid No. 4 guy. He's become a better pitcher as he's gotten older and yet there are days when he doesn't command.  He could still piece things together, but he presses at times and tries to too much. Like a lot of guys, he would probably benefit from some rest every now and again. For now, he's a good complementary guy. His best pitch has probably been his slider and he has a good changeup. He started throwing a cutter last year, but it can be inconsistent. He's got a sneaky fastball, but his command of it was really hit and miss. He's got a good delivery and is pretty athletic, so repeating (his delivery) isn't an issue. If he gets back to establishing his fastball, that would go a long way toward getting him back on track. He can get a little slider-happy at times, but is prone to