On The Beat: Talking Zac Taylor, Bengals free agents & o-line play with Geoff Hobson

Every week, we up our prep on the Patriots’ next opponent with our “5 questions…” feature where we check in with a writer who covers New England’s next opponent. For this week’s game against the Bengals, we talk with Geoff Hobson, the longtime writer and a wicked Masshole. Check him out on Twitter here. Thanks to Adam for his time


1. What's the Zac Taylor era been like so far ... who do you like, where will he have to grow?

Seems to have the players’ attention. They seem to be all in. They have responded to the work environment. They’re still playing for him. He’s probably looking to grow as a play-caller. Energetic. Bright guy that came out of a fairly creative and forward-thinking offense in L.A. Never called plays for an entire NFL season until this one and it’s been a challenge without ever having his best player (AJ Green) and playing four different left tackles since the start of OTAs. His base 11 personnel has been devastated because his three receivers have never been together. John Ross missed eight games along with Green missing every one. Tyler Boyd is a stud, mainly in the slot. So Taylor’s ability to adapt has been challenged right away.

2. The Bengals have some notable free agents in the offseason and the Patriots might be buyers ... what can you tell us about where AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, Nick Vigil, and Andrew Billings are in their careers?