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McAdam: Five thoughts on the Gerrit Cole signing and what it means for both the Yankees and Red Sox

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The New York Yankees got their man, Gerrit Cole, late Tuesday night, signing the free-agent starting pitcher to a record-setting $324-million deal over nine seasons.

Here are some thoughts as to how that signing impacts the Red Sox.

1. A very good Yankee team just got a lot better.

That much is obvious. The Yankees won 103 games in 2019, and did so without their best starter, Luis Severino, for most of the season. Now, the Yankees will have both a healthy Severino and Cole to anchor their rotation. For the last few seasons, the lack of a bonafide No. 1 starter was the Yanks' one obvious weakness. That's been addressed with the addition of Cole, who at 29, is in the prime of his career.

Will the Yankees live to regret this contract in, say, five or six seasons? Likely, yes. Rare is the pitcher who performs as a front-of-the-rotation starter in his mid-30s, with Houston's Justin Verlander one of the rare exceptions to the rule.

But the Yankees can worry about that later. When you've gone more than a decade in between titles, as they have, there's a certain urgency of now that takes over. The last time the Yankees went big