On The Beat: Talking quality wins, Dak, Michael Bennett & the Cowboys with Clarence Hill

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Every week, we up our prep on the Patriots’ next opponent with our “5 questions…” feature where we check in with a writer who covers New England’s next opponent. For this week’s game against the Cowpokes, we talk with old buddy, Clarence Hill Jr., the longtime Cowboys beat writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Check him out on Twitter here. Thanks to Chilly for his time.


1. Ok, Chilly. Everybody thinks these Cowboys are good but I'm just not seeing it on film and in who they've beaten (bad-average teams) and who they haven't beaten (good teams). So what's the deal, is this team good or what?

The numbers say the Cowboys have the makings of a good team. No. 1 offense. Top 10 defense. They have yet to prove it against good teams. No wins over a team with a record better than .500, though I would say the 20-point win over the Eagles was a quality win. This game represents