Bedard: Forget the offense, this Patriots team is about defense, and that side was lights out again

(Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA — We interrupt the deserved consternation over the Patriots offense (what, you're surprised about its ineffectiveness?) to let you in on a little secret.

The days of Tommy & The Boys running the Flying Elvises are long over — that started in last year's Super Bowl. I know it's strange. I know it feels about as comfortable as trying to fit into the jeans you wore in college. It's gross, unwanted and a pain in the rear. And it's no fun for anyone to watch the great Tom Brady operate an offense like Mark Sanchez (and from Brady's postgame press conference, he's definitely not loving it either).

But due to injuries, personnel mistakes and other roster priorities, this is who these Patriots are now. Isaiah Wynn is not riding in on his oft-injured, undersized horse this week to suddenly make this group look like the 2007 Patriots (he'll certainly help ... some).

Get used to it. It's time to embrace winning ugly on offense, but beautiful on defense.

Because this Patriots defense got hit in the face early again, but then rebounded to throw an absolute blanket over the Eagles in New England's hum-drum 17-10 victory on Sunday night.

Do you realize what those Patriots did from that point on?