Bedard: With Chiefs losing steam, can Patriots fend off Ravens down the stretch?

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A fairly eventful Sunday in the NFL, with a big NFC West matchup coming tonight when the Seahawks (7-2) visit the undefeated 49ers (8-0).

When it comes to the Patriots and their odds of cashing in on home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, there was good and bad news.

The Chiefs, despite the return of Patrick Mahomes, basically shot themselves in the foot with a problematic 35-32 loss to the Titans (more on that in a minute). Kansas City is now 6-4 and even with its visit to Gillette looming, they better just worry about fending off the Raiders in the AFC West.

And while Baltimore did what it was supposed to do in dusting Ryan Finley and the Bengals 49-13, the biggest thing that the game signaled it that the Ravens look like they'll be in it until the end when comes to the AFC's top seed (and that Lamar Jackson is picking up steam).

How do the Ravens stack up with the Patriots down the stretch?