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McAdam: Five thoughts on J.D. Martinez’s decision to not opt out & possible Betts fallout

J.D. Martinez surprised a lot of people with his decision to not opt-out of his contract with the Red Sox on Monday. Officially, Martinez had until midnight to decide, but work broke shortly before 5 p.m.

Martinez has $62.5 million remaining over the next three years, though he can choose to opt out after 2020 and 2021, too.

He'll make $23.75 million in 2020, with that same number serving as the Red Sox charge toward the CBT (competitive balance tax).

Here are five thoughts on the news and the fallout:

1. Martinez (and Scott Boras) made the right call.

For months, I was convinced that Martinez would not opt out. To me, it made no sense to sacrifice that money for the next three years, given how the market has treated 30-something position players the last two years, to say nothing of one who is, his protests to the contrary, effectively a DH.

In recent weeks, I let myself get talked into thinking he was opting out, because so many people around the game -- other talent evaluators, executives -- treated it as a fait accompli.

I still had difficulty thinking