A look into who Bruce Arena may keep, and who he may jettison as the offseason gets started

Following the Revolution’s 1-nil defeat to Atlanta United on Saturday, Bruce Arena told team reporter Elizabeth Pehota that, “The team’s gotten much better, and it’s our job in the offseason to strengthen the roster. We obviously only made one change to the team since I’ve been in charge, and we’re certainly going to make some changes in the offseason and hopefully build a stronger team next year.”

We have, of course, heard that before from his predecessor. That didn’t happen, and the 2019 season started out with The Boys In Blue in crisis, and having to make a series of changes in May.

However, with Arena’s personal history, we have to believe — want to believe — that the long-awaited cleaning house begins this offseason. After all, some of the players on this roster have been with the club since 2014, with one (Scott Caldwell) here since 2013, and another (Diego Fagundez) here since 2011.

So who stays? Who goes?

Since everyone else in the Boston soccer press corps have done this, let’s take our shots from the spot at predicting who Arena will keep, and who he will jettison.

A couple of notes before we do that:

First, by Nov. 16, we’ll have an idea of who the Revolution will protect and leave unprotected for the upcoming expansion draft. Inter Miami and Nashville enter the league in 2020, and the Revs will be able to protect up to 12 players. And I would caution you not to panic should the protect list have a player on it that you want to see gone, because I don’t think that would necessarily be the end of it.

Second, a lot of the following is guesswork. MLS clubs tend not to go into a lot of detail regarding contract length, and we’ve seen “multi-year” come across our email inbox a few times this season. Some of this is from what we’ve reported, some of this is from what we’ve been told, and some of this is from reading tea leaves.