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MLB Notebook: Scouting some Red Sox minor leaguers in the Arizona Fall League

Jarren Duran (Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

The Arizona Fall League, having adjusted its schedule this year to begin earlier, has a week of games remaining. The Red Sox sent a handful of players to play for the Peoria Javelinas.

We caught up with a veteran major league scout who watched AFL action and got his scouting reports on some Red Sox prospects and how they looked.

OF Marcus Wilson: "He's one of those (mistake) hitters. He can hit a fastball; what he's got to do is learn to recognize the other pitches, so he can get the fastball — like most (young players). He's a good athlete and the tools are there. He's someone you want to be more patient with, so when it goes off, it can go off pretty good. It's kind of an all-or-nothing package.

"He read plays pretty well. It's tough out there with the high sky, but I thought he broke well on balls and threw well enough. There's nothing to hold him back defensively; it's basically wait-and-see on the bat, more than anything. He gets fooled pretty good by the finesse guys. When he gets underway, he moves pretty well. I would hope he would be better than a fourth outfielder, but I think he'll hit enough to at least be a backup guy.''

OF Jarren Duran: