Red Sox

McAdam: Red Sox’ search for new top baseball executive continues to hit roadblocks

(Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

The pattern has been established: as soon as one door opens to a potential solution to the Red Sox' president of baseball operations vacancy, it soon closes.

The collapse of the Chicago Cubs in the final weeks of the season led to rampant speculation that perhaps Theo Epstein would return to Boston, eight years after he left, to restore the franchise to glory. That lasted only a day or so before Epstein publicly announced that he had work still to do in Chicago and would not be going anywhere.

Then, the sudden and shocking elimination of the Los Angeles Dodgers from the playoffs created a groundswell for Dodgers executive Andrew Friedman as the perfect hire for the Red Sox. Friedman had won with a small budget in Tampa Bay, with a big budget in Los Angeles, and more to the point, had overseen a Dodgers organization that has enjoyed sustained success at the major league level (five straight division titles under Friedman) and a Top Five minor league system.

The fact that Friedman was also nearing the end of his contract and untethered to the Dodgers past this month served to only heighten the interest. Here was a proven executive, seemingly with all the necessary skills, soon to be a free agent.

It made perfect sense.

Until Monday, when it didn't.