Jaylen Brown has started contract extension negotiations with Celtics

(Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Jaylen Brown is part of a very small pool of NBA players that operates without an agent. He signed his rookie deal without one in 2016, a move that makes plenty of sense given the fact that his deal for the No. 3 draft slot is based on a set scale, meaning there is essentially no negotiation involved.

That reality changes though this fall, as Brown is eligible to agree to a contract extension with Boston ahead of an October 21st deadline. A trio of notable first-round picks have already agreed to terms on a long-term pact with Ben Simmons and Jamal Murray (five-year max) setting the market and Caris LeVert (three years, $52 million) signing a more modest extension with the Brooklyn Nets.

The Celtics have a lengthy track record (10 years) of not coming to terms on an extension with their first-round picks, and that’s a reality that Brown is very much aware of as he begins negotiations with Danny Ainge and company. Brown confirmed to BSJ that the Celtics have reached out recently to begin discussions.

“I’ve been able to watch these guys for three years,” Brown told BostonSportsJournal.com. “They have their process. They like to take their time. There is no rush at all. I don't know if they feel rushed. I hope they don't. There is no rush. They will figure it out or not figure it out. Either way is fine with me.”

That measured mentality should serve Brown well when it comes to negotiations, but it’s a far different situation than his rookie contract when it comes to dollars and cents. With so much uncertainty up in the air, I spoke with Brown about his talks so far and whether he was considering hiring an agent to handle future negotiations that could get personal.

“I like how it is now,” Brown said of his current situation without an agent. “Right now, I'm focused on the