Red Sox

McAdam: Settle in – finding the Red Sox’ new baseball executive will likely take a while

The Red Sox aren't yet sure whether their next hire will be a president of baseball operations or a general manager. Or, eventually, both.

Nor have they interviewed anyone for the position, or for that matter, asked for permission to interview potential candidates under contract elsewhere.

But that's coming.

Monday, however, served as a reminder that the process could take a while.

Team president and CEO Sam Kennedy will conduct the search, which will entail compiling a list of potential candidates, seeking permission from their current employers and ultimately, recommending his choice for the position to ownership.

"Where we are is (in the) early days,'' said Kennedy. "We've had an opportunity to do a lot of due diligence. (Dismissing Dave Dombrowski when we did) gave us an opportunity to get a head start on the thinking and research that we wanted to conduct and helped us established clear-cut roles and responsibilities for the current leaders of the Baseball Ops team.

"We're engaged in this, but the search is underway.''

Because the Red Sox have publicly stated that their clear preference is to hire someone who has run a Baseball Operations department before,