Red Sox

McAdam: Finally, Christian Vazquez is putting it all together

In a season full of disappointment, you can count the positive developments on one hand for the Red Sox and still have a few fingers free.

Let's see, there was the emergence of Rafael Devers, who transformed himself from an undisciplined hitter and erratic fielder into one of the game's best young players.

There was Eduardo Rodriguez, finally making good on his considerable potential, and emerging as the team's best starting pitcher.

There was the second-half emergence of two lefty relievers -- Darwinzon Hernandez and Josh Taylor -- who provided some quality arms and the promise of some dependable late-inning bullpen options in 2020.

And there has been the offensive maturation of catcher Christian Vazquez, who has rebounded nicely from a step backward a year ago to become a more complete catcher, finally eliminating any questions about who will fill the role of the team's No. 1 receiver -- now, and into the future.

Vazquez dominated the Philadelphia Phillies all weekend. On Saturday,