In wake of injury-riddled season, Kevan Miller still has quite the hill to climb before returning to lineup

(Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)

Time to take inventory on Kevan Miller and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season. 

Where to begin for the 31-year-old blueliner? 

  • Missed over a month of game action due to a broken hand — which he suffered while blocking a shot against the Oilers on October 18th.
  • Just four games after returning, Miller missed another month of action due to a gruesome injury — as a puck to the throat led to cartilage damage to his larynx that sent him to the hospital up in Toronto.
  • Miller played 25 games upon returning to the lineup at the end of December but then missed 16 games after suffering a torn oblique while getting hit into the boards against the St. Louis Blues on Feb. 23.
  • Just three games into his return, Miller played his final game of the season — suffering a vertical fracture to his kneecap during Boston's penultimate game of the regular season against the Wild on April 4.
  • Despite such a severe ailment, Miller fully expected to recover in time for the Stanley Cup Final, but while rehabbing off ice during the Eastern Conference Final, Miller suffered a vertical fracture to the same kneecap — ending his season for good.


And yet, for all of the surgeries, grueling rehab assignments and hospital stays, all of it played second fiddle when it came to the pain that the veteran felt on June 12, 2019 — as Miller was forced to watch from the top level of TD Garden as his teammates came up just short of a Stanley Cup title against St. Louis.