Red Sox

McAdam: A look at the Red Sox’ GM search

(Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Soon, the Red Sox will be hiring their fourth (full-time) chief baseball executive in the last eight years.

On paper, it should be an attractive job. In reality, it may be somewhat less.

Any interested candidates will know that the position offers little in the way of job security -- at least if recent past history is any indication. The last two to fill the position -- Ben Cherington and Dave Dombrowski -- were each fired less than two years after winning a World Series. In Dombrowski's case, the honeymoon lasted a mere 11 months.

The perception around the game is that the Red Sox are beset with dysfunction at the ownership level, and that, too, will have to be overcome.

But there are, undeniably, positives. The franchise offers great resources, even as this search begins with the knowledge that the team must get its payroll under control in the near future.

The job comes with expectations and pressures, yes, but also plenty of money to spend, a strong baseball infrastructure, tradition and a devoted, passionate following.

One baseball source predicted that the team's search will begin with an effort to lure some of the biggest names in the game.

"They've got a wish list,'' said a baseball source,