Entering 14th season with Bruins, David Krejci adamant that he’s still ‘got some mileage in the tank’

(Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

David Krejci has heard it plenty of times already. 

Is there a sense of urgency with this team?

What’s the title window for this club with so many guys on the wrong side of 30?

While the roster of the Boston Bruins features an average age of 26, you can’t argue with the assessment that Boston’s key cogs in the lineup like Zdeno Chara (42 years old), Patrice Bergeron (34), Krejci (33), Tuukka Rask (32) and Brad Marchand (31) certainly aren’t getting any younger. 

But Krejci has a few qualms about the perceived window of a player’s “prime,” especially in regards to this Bruins team.

“I know you guys write a lot of things like that,” Krejci said Wednesday at Warrior Ice Arena. “‘(Being on the) wrong side of 30. I have no idea what the wrong side of 30 means. To me, I thought it was when you’re in your late 30s.

“But no, I mean, look at guys around the league in their 30s. They’re really good players. Our guys in our 30s had really good seasons last year. We’re just a couple months older than we were last season. I feel like we’re in good shape and we’re ready to go.”

If age is really nothing but a number when out on the ice, then Krejci’s 2018-19 campaign should be the case in point.