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Bedard’s Daily Briefing 08.22.19: The Red Sox might be done … they lost my dad; Patriots vs. Panthers

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Good morning!

A few random thoughts while I wonder if anyone will pay attention to the Red Sox when they go out west...

  • Well, I think the Red Sox are finally done after last night's putrid 5-2 loss to the Phillies. My barometer for this? My father.
  • Got this text at 9:43 p.m. last night as the family returned from watching the championship of the Foxboro Pro Hockey League: "Red Sox Suck. That is all."
  • Oh boy. Now they've done it.
  • You have to understand this about my father: he deeply cares for all the Boston sports teams, especially the Patriots (he's admitted he's a mush on some of these recent road games, so he is voluntarily not attending any more) and Red Sox.
  • I mean, you know when you ask, "Who the hell is watching this 15-inning, five-hour West Coast game?" Well, that's my dad. He never stops watching. Ever. There have been seasons where you know the Sox are done, but they're technically still alive and he ... just ... keeps ... watching (and believing).
  • But now he's out to the point he's changing his front license back to the Patriots. It's ov-ah.
  • And while we're on the topic ... why do the Red Sox still play like jackasses when they know the season is on the line? Oh well, we still have last season. That was awesome.
  • Joe Thuney is going to be a really interesting negotiation with the Patriots. You can make the argument he's better than Shaq Mason as an all-around lineman. Another terrific summer for Thuney.
  • We will finally get a look at the Patriots' starters tonight at Gillette. Will be interesting how they handle the personnel and who's playing where. Should give us some idea about the final tough cuts.
  • The Revs locked up keeper Matt Turner. Would be nice to know if he's getting paid like a starting goalie.
  • Charlie Coyle didn't play in the Foxboro Pro League last night but I saw him earlier in the day working with some kids on the ice. Looks good.
  • Ryan Donato did play and scored a couple goals for the winners. I really enjoy watching the top-flight local college kids in that setting. Man, there's a lot of talent around here (duh).


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