Bedard’s Breakdown (defense): Subtle play shows why Chase Winovich isn’t playing like a rookie

(Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

We really didn't set out to make this corner the Chase Winovich Show, but two games into the preseason ... it is what it is.

And we're also not ready to put the rookie outside linebacker into Canton off two highly productive exhibitions against borderline NFL players. That being said, game respects game, and the kid has shown plenty of that.

Instead of fawning off his terrific production with 11 "plus" plays (sack, team-high 7.5 total QB pressures, 1.5 stuffed runs among those) against zero negative plays or his outstanding motor chasing plays down the field, we'll look at one subtle play near the end of the first to illustrate why Winovich appears, to this point, to be playing well beyond a rookie level.