Miguel’s Mailbag 08.02.19: Questions on Gronkowski, Brady, Marcus Cannon, Trent Williams & more

Good questions this week on a number of topics. Let's get started:

From Twitter follower CTPatsFan1: With all this Tom Brady contract talk, what would Brady’s salary be if they franchised him next year, non-exclusive or exclusive? Regardless of what they pay him, he will always be underpaid in that method. And isn’t guaranteed once he signs it?

Answer: $32.4 million or 120% of Brady's 2019 cap number $27 million. The Patriots might as well as place the exclusive tag on him since the $32.4 million will likely be higher than the exclusive tag. Yes, a tag becomes fully guaranteed once the player signs it.

From Twitter follower Sruly23: Miguel, is it significant Brady has not received a contract extension? What is the hold-up?