The most significant quotes from Tom Brady and what they really mean

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Tom Brady talked for the first time in training camp today and, as usual, there were usual pointless questions about his age, how he enjoys football and all that.

To save you time, we've boiled it down to his most significant quotes and parsed his words to give you more context:

Q: What are your initial thoughts on how the offense is taking shape with younger players?

TB: Well, there's a lot of turnover every year and you deal with the turnover, and there's a lot of new guys trying to assimilate into what we've done here for a long time. It's really up to them to get up to speed, and everyone here has got to help them get there. Between the coaches, the veteran players, the leaders – it's our responsibility to get everyone on the same page, doing the right thing and trying to help us in whatever way they can help us move the ball down the field and score some points.