Red Sox

Red Sox Trade Deadline: The latest on Edwin Diaz and other options

(Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

For a team whose chief front office executive said only a week ago didn't have "a lot of needs, per se,'' the Red Sox sure seem to be active with the trade deadline drawing closer.

According to multiple sources, the Red Sox are involved in a number of discussions with teams, almost all of it centered, not surprisingly, on bullpen help.

The Red Sox have done well in the first half of their 14-game stretch against the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees, winning each of the first two series and going 5-2, with three more games coming with the Rays starting Tuesday and a four-game rematch set for this weekend in New York.

"Our play the last week has been encouraging and we are playing for a postseason spot,'' Red Sox president of operations Dave Dombrowski wrote in an email. "We will try to upgrade our club if possible. (However) there are still limitations on the type of moves we would make while still trying to upgrade our club.''

But even as the Red Sox thrust themselves into the wild-card picture and cut into the Yankees' lead in the A.L. East, the bullpen remains an obvious weakness.