Sweeney: This is an engraved invitation – get on the Revs’ bandwagon now

Over the last two-and-a-half months, the Revolution have gone on a rather amazing run. You've read about it here, of course. You may have tuned in on match day, if only to sate a tiny bit of curiosity. You've noticed they are playing more free, taking advantage of space, and the goals -- oh thank you Lord, the goals; six straight without an answer from the opposition -- are filling the onion bag with regularity.

They are playing a brand of soccer -- an exciting brand of soccer -- that wasn't apparent to anyone before May 8. In fact, since that day, the Revs haven't lost a game in the league, which is now at 10 straight following Sunday's 2-0 win over FC Cincinnati, and they have gone 11 out of the last 12 in both the league and US Open Cup unbeaten. The last time they did that was five years ago, during their run to the MLS Cup Final.

They are, without a doubt, The Hottest Team In Boston — something that has nothing to do with the heat index.

So that leads me to ask: are you — especially you over there in the corner — getting on board the Revolution bandwagon?

Sure, I know what you’re going to say. You don’t really like soccer outside of every four years in the World Cup, or you turn your nose down on it entirely. That’s fair, and totally your prerogative. I respect that.

But let’s explain a few things: You really don't have an entertaining team to watch right now. The Celtics and Bruins are in hibernation. They won't play meaningful games again until October and November.

The Red Sox? Yeah, they are 11 games out in the division, three games out of a wild card spot… but they barely got a hit in Baltimore Sunday. There’s rumors of Jose Abreu — Great! Fantastic! Can he pitch? — coming to the Back Bay Fens. And Eck-Price II is a snoozefest.

And yes, the Patriots are back to work this week, getting ready to attack Banner No. 7, and there will be plenty for Bedahhhd to dissect with punt hang times and TB12 connecting with JE11 and discussions about when Sony Michel will be able to carry the ball again. But there will be days off, there will be an early-season meaningless loss, and there will be plenty of time for the Pats to get hot -- like always — after the Revolution season is completed in October, and maybe even early November.

Right now, the Revolution are