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Bedard’s Daily Briefing 07.18.19: David Price steps in it again … or does he? Red-hot Revs

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Good morning!

A few random thoughts while I wonder if people will turn out for Bruce Arena's Revs ...

  • We touched on this briefly yesterday, but David Price, out of nowhere, went after Dennis Eckersley again for an innocuous quote in the Boston Globe.
  • And then he waited for the media to enter the clubhouse and unloaded again.
  • This was after Alex Cora said they would handle this in-house.
  • Obviously, it's a terrible look for Price. Be more of a baby. You embarrass a Hall of Famer player in a planned ambush for doing his job, the naturally refuses to meet with you, and you go off on him when he's asked about it for a long article that has nothing to do with you. Just stop with the rabbit ears.
  • However ... you always have to ask the question, why? Why did Price chirp up on Twitter? Why bring this up now, two years later and after winning a World Series and vanquishing your playoff demons? What's the point?
  • Let's look at this. The Red Sox continue to play disjointed ball. They take one step forward and one or two steps back. They don't look to be on the same page like they were last season. A formerly close clubhouse doesn't seem as tight-knit this year. The Red Sox just can't get any traction.
  • Is there any chance Price did this on purpose, to galvanize the team a little bit? Maybe he wanted to give the Sox a little of that us-against-them stuff they had much of last season (even Cora got into last year after some playoff losses)?
  • I asked Sean McAdam about that, but he shut it down. Thinks I'm giving Price too much credit. But this is a guy in Price who obviously thinks he's smarter than everyone else and that his farts don't stink. Would it be that much of a stretch for him to say to himself, 'I'm going to put myself out there to see if this sparks us a little'? I don't ...
  • Love, love, love that Kemba Walker watched film with Brad Stevens the other night. Hey Kemba, if you want to break down some football, I'm game.
  • Charlie Coyle ... secret weapon?
  • How 'bout them Revs?!

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