Kemba Walker is already forming a strong partnership with Brad Stevens

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Brad Stevens is no stranger to change in the NBA, especially at the point guard position. Kemba Walker will be his fifth different starting point guard on opening night as he begins his seventh season as head coach of the Celtics.

For the first time in Boston, there is seemingly some certainty in place at the point guard spot over the long-term for Stevens. Unlike other guards that were cashed for other assets (Rajon Rondo, Isaiah Thomas) or walked away for a fresh start elsewhere amid constant speculation about their future (Kyrie Irving), Walker has committed to Boston for the long haul and part of the reason for that is Stevens. He has noticed how the head coach has maximized his talent over the past six years at the position

“The point guards are very successful. They score a lot,” Walker said with a laugh when asked about Stevens’ system. “But yeah, the point guards are very successful. He’s a great coach. I know he watches tons of film. I’ve just been around him a few days and I know that. But I’m excited. I’m excited to get things going and learn him some more, him learning me more. I only got a chance to play against him so there’s still a lot that we both have to learn from each other, but we’ll get there. There’s nothing more important to me than having a great relationship with the head coach, so we’ll get there.”

That relationship has already begun ahead of Wednesday’s official intro. Stevens told BostonSportsJournal.com on Wednesday that the All-Star had already spent time with Stevens at his home breaking down film on Tuesday night. Stevens is wasting little time to try to figure out the best way to maximize the team’s prized addition.

“Him and I watched