Summer League Notes: Tacko Fall is turning heads, different lineup looks are coming

(Kevin Cox/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS -- With Zion Williamson sidelined with a sore knee for the remainder of NBA Summer League, there may not be a bigger fan favorite in Las Vegas right now than Celtics center Tacko Fall. The undrafted 7-foot-6 big man was on the receiving end of big cheers whenever he entered the game or touched the ball on Saturday night, something that caught the attention of Celtics head coach Scott Morrison.

"I mean, I walked through security with him in the airport, some of you guys were there, but he was like a rock star in that airport," Morrison said. "A lot of guys I would assume get tired of that type of attention, but he handled it like a pro. I knew he would be a crowd favorite, but I didn’t know he would be the favorite of the Summer League on Day 1. So hopefully he can play well so we can get him out there as much as possible. He definitely made an impact for us, I think he was plus-18 in 10 or 11 minutes. So it’s hard to knock that."

A league source indicates that the Celtics are high on Fall as a potential long-term development project with the Red Claws if he does not make another team this year. The 23-year-old probably won't have a chance at a roster spot in Boston out of the gate with a full depth chart at center and 15 guaranteed contracts already in place, but it is evident already that his mobility is better than expected at this level.

"I thought he was good," Morrison said of Fall (6 points, 4 rebounds in 10 minutes. "He did a good job running up and down the floor. He got three layups in transition, which I think most people probably assume that he can’t be a factor in transition. I thought our guys did a good job attacking and letting him get settled before they give him the ball. We had a few turnovers where we tried to force it to bigs in transition, not in their comfort zone. So they all worked together to get him a couple buckets, and then we ran a couple plays for him out of timeouts to get him touches around the rim. I believe he got fouled on both of them. So that was to kind of see how he could execute coming off screens, and he did a good job. And also the crowd was anxious, so you have to give the people what they want, and what they wanted was touches for Tacko. So hopefully we can get more of the same if not more next game."

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