Red Sox

McAdam: Comeback win can’t hide problems that remain for the Red Sox

Given the way their season has gone and where they are in the standings, the Red Sox are in no position to throw any wins back. They'll take whatever victories come their way, regardless of how ugly, or how poor the opposition.

And make no mistake, their 8-7 win over the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre Thursday night was hardly a masterpiece.

It featured a start from Hector Velazquez that lasted just 2.1 innings. And though it ultimately turned out OK, it also included the team's 18th blown save of the season.

Inadequate starting pitching depth and poor relief pitching. If you had to highlight the biggest factors that have relegated the Sox to third place in the division, and currently — as they like to say in the NHL -- outside the playoff structure, those would be the top two.

Since the beginning, both elements have been issues for the Sox since the first week of the season.