Sweeney: Some quickie WWC semifinal takeaways to tide you over until the Revs’ game tonight

We have a few hours before the Revs get their Fourth of July tilt underway, so until then, a few Women’s World Cup semifinal takes from yours truly…

You get a hammy, you get a hammy, and you get a hammy…

As we all know, Megan Rapinoe missed Tuesday’s semifinal with England thanks to what was reported as a hamstring injury. There was some panic, but let’s just remember how deep the US women are when it comes to attacking talent.

Rapinoe’s hamstring issue does not concern me as much as Rose Lavelle’s. Rapinoe’s hammy happened at the tail end of the France quarterfinal a week ago, so it’s had some time to heal — more time than Lavelle’s. And you can’t help but feel gutted for Lavelle, who had a sensational match against England — between the filthy ‘meg of an English defender to some blistering shots from just outside the penalty area — up until then.

The interesting thing about Rapinoe’s “benching:”