Red Sox

McAdam: An inside look at the numbers that have the Red Sox stuck in third place

On Wednesday, the Red Sox suffered their 38th defeat of the season - a hideous 8-7 loss to the Chicago White Sox, a game in which they led by a run with three outs to go.

Of course, even in their magical 2018 season, the Sox lost their 38th game, too.

It came on Aug. 20.

So, roughly translated, the Red Sox are more than seven weeks behind last year's pace.

It may not have been reasonable to expect that the Sox would duplicate last year's achievements. After all, the 108-win regular season was the best in franchise history -- for a team that has been around for more than a century.

But surely, after retaining better than 90 percent of the same roster, the Red Sox were supposed to be better than this.

How did they get here? Here are five numbers to contemplate while the Red Sox get a few days off in London before resuming their season on Saturday.