Red Sox

McAdam: Red Sox bounce back nicely after crushing loss

After the Red Sox suffered an excruciating defeat late Tuesday night, Alex Cora was asked if he had any concern about the loss lingering and affecting his team in Wednesday's series finale.

It wasn't an unreasonable question. Losing is bad enough, but to do so when the Sox twice led late in the game -- once in the eighth and then again in the 13th -- and to have to play almost six hours and 17 innings in doing so can impact a team.

In addition to the physical toll such a setback takes, there's the emotional cost, too. A game in which you play almost the length of two games without interruption can leave you feeling like you've actually lost two games.

But Cora was undaunted late Tuesday/early Wednesday morning. He was upbeat, too, even suppressing a bit of a smile as he answered the question.

"It was one of those games we're accustomed to,'' said Cora. "We'll bounce back (Wednesday), finish this road trip in a positive way and enjoy Thursday (an off-day). ... It's something where we'll build from this. I know that for a fact.''

Particularly noteworthy was the confidence Cora showed in his team.  "(We'll) finish this road trip in a positive way'' might lack the bravado of, say, Joe Namath, but Cora wasn't the least bit concerned over how his team would respond.

Fair enough. That's how a manager should talk -- full of belief in his team.