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Bedard’s Daily Briefing 06.19.19: Patriots ticked at Easterby, Texans; Horford exit caps terrible Celtics offseason

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Good morning!

A few random thoughts while I wonder why MLB still plays these stupid extra-inning games in the regular season...

  • Posted my story that I've been working on for a little while that explains why the Patriots are steaming mad at Jack Easterby and (by extension) the Texans, and how the team might be looking for a little revenge come Dec. 1.
  • The big question is how irked Bill Belichick is by the move. I don't think he's very happy, but my sources were mixed on the subject.
  • Won't rehash the story here. It's all in there.
  • The other big news is that Al Horford is leaving the Celtics. I'm stunned and a little hurt. Love Horford as a Celtic and thought he was a perfect piece to regroup with, and to bring the kids along. Now that's all gone, on top of Kyrie.
  • I mean, I understand he told B-Robb that the most important thing to him was winning a ring, but I didn't think he'd actually do it at the end of the day. But there will be plenty of cap space for him somewhere. And I don't blame the Celtics for refusing to go past three years.
  • Now what the heck is Danny Ainge going to do? Could his job be on the line? I mean, this was his whole orchestration and it failed miserably at the end of the day, and now the Celtics need to reset ... unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat.
  • The Red Sox lost 4-3 in 17 innings this morning. They left like a billion runners on base.
  • Count me among the crowd that thinks it's beyond stupid for MLB to play extra innings in the regular season. Just adopt the international tiebreak: runner on second, nobody out and play from there. It even brings strategy into it. Nobody wants to be at the park for five hours for one of 162 games.

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