Kyrie’s uncertain future, taking risks and more takeaways from Danny Ainge’s state of the union

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Danny Ainge held court with the media at the Auerbach Center Wednesday afternoon for the first time since suffering a mild heart attack during the Eastern Conference Semifinals in Milwaukee last month. Here's a breakdown of some of the more meaningful takeaways in the midst of the wide-ranging 20-minute press conference.

1. Danny Ainge isn't going anywhere after recovering from his second heart attack: Despite his health scare, Ainge has continued his duties as chief basketball decision maker with a very busy June and July ahead.

"I’m eating more plants and not the kind of plants in Walton’s garden, by the way," Ainge said of his lifestyle changes since the heart attack. "But I have a great bench here too. Like we have a great staff in Mike, Austin and Dave, right on down the list. Remy and Jake and everybody that’s very capable of filling in when I needed to step away there for a little while. But I haven’t had to miss much work...my role is not going to change."

In an offseason that's full of huge decisions about the future direction from the franchise, Ainge is ready to tackle things full steam ahead, something that is crucial for this team.