Sweeney: Four takeaways from Saturday’s dastardly draw with DC United

FOXBOROUGH — Chugging Mountain Dew and prepping for the light show that’s sure to come when I get on 495 North; just have to get through the takeaways, of which there are four this week, and then I can spend the next half an hour in the car…

Don’t let me be alone in feeling gutted for Brandon Bye

You’ll notice in the Match Report that I didn’t mark Brandon Bye down for the late handle against DC United Saturday night. It was a costly handle, of course, given that Wayne Rooney, otherwise kept in-check (more on that in a second), buried the 90th-minute peno to level the score at 1-1. And sure, it would have been well within my rights to do just that. After all, I marked Matt Turner down, and I’ve done the same to Michael Mancienne in the past.

The difference here? Take Bye’s entire game into consideration. Watch the way he