2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Bedard: Bruins’ power play advantage obscures fact that Hurricanes are no joke

(Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

If you just looked at the final scoreboard — you know, the one that said Bruins 5, Hurricanes 2 — you might as well start scouting the Western Conference Finals between the Sharks and Blues to find out which other speed bump stands in the way of another duckboat parade through downtown.

Because the Artists Formerly Known As The Whalers, the Carolina Hurricanes, will be lucky to make it past four or five games against the Bruins ... right?

Not so fast.

Unless you're new to hockey or only tune in for deep Bruins playoff runs, you know the Hurricanes gave the Bruins all they could handle for nearly all of Game 1. And that this has the look of a series that could go on for a while — if the Hurricanes can stay out of the penalty box.

Just ask one of Thursday night's heroes, Marcus Johansson, who posted a goal and an assist.