Red Sox

McAdam: Red Sox can only hope comeback win is the start of turnaround

(Kathryun Riley/Getty Images)

It's one win, and one win against a pretty bad opponent at that.

It means little in the big picture and it will mean even less if the Red Sox can't capitalize on it further, can't turn it into a springboard to get themselves back into the season, into respectability.

But for a time Thursday night, there was reason to think maybe, just maybe, the Red Sox season had begun in earnest. Begun two weeks later than it should have, to be sure. But begun anyway.

For much of the first dozen games, they hadn't been competitive, beaten by teams which aren't expected to be threats. They routinely squandered leads, allowed routine flyballs to drop between them and ran the bases with the focus of kindergarten kids let loose on a playground.

Where were the focused Red Sox of a year ago, dedicated to detail, intent on playing the game the right way, seizing every break given to them? Nowhere to be found.

Maybe Thursday suggested some sort of turnaround, an awakening of sorts.