Breaking down the Celtics 2019 draft pick scenarios

(Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

After months of tracking where the Celtics will draft in 2019, we are still left with more questions than answers on where and how many picks Boston will have for the 2019 NBA Draft. Let's plow through some of the scenarios, some of which will be settled in the next couple of days.

Grizzlies pick (three-way tie for No. 7 in the lottery)

Memphis pulled off a win against a resting Warriors team on Wednesday night, getting themselves into a three-way tie with the Mavericks and Pelicans for the seventh-worst record in the league. That means all three teams will split the odds for 7-9 in the NBA Draft Lottery next month. Each of them will have a 26.3 percent chance of jumping into the top 4 from the No. 7 spot.

If none of those squads get some lottery luck, they will revert back to their original positions. A coinflip tiebreaker will be held on Friday to determine who gets the 7th, 8th and 9th picks out of three teams (or lower if a team with a worse record jumps them). Needless to say, this tiebreaker scenario will be huge since the pick is top-8 protected.

Heading into the Friday tiebreaker, the odds currently stand at 44.4 percent the Grizzlies pick will convey this year. However, that changes once the tiebreaker Friday is held, which will sort out any potential order for post-lottery. Here are where the odds stand depending on each slot.

Odds of pick conveying in 2019 based on the tiebreaker

7. 16.8 percent (first in tiebreaker)
8. 42.5 percent (second in tiebreaker)
9. 73.7 percent (third in tiebreaker)

The bottom line? Friday's tiebreaker is huge.

Kings pick (Three-way tie for No. 12 in the lottery)