Red Sox

McAdam: Poor pitching results from starters means second-guessing of spring approach

(Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

SEATTLE -- Like a hitter sitting on a fastball in a fastball count, Alex Cora seemed to know the question was coming. He was ready to swing.

The question was a natural one: Had the Red Sox' starters' abysmal (13.20 ERA) work in the first four games of the regular season cause the manager to re-think how the team handled them in spring training?

The answer was locked and loaded.

"I didn't rethink about it last year,'' Cora said quickly. "You saw what happened. It was the same plan. So, whoever is doubting us, what we did this year. ... Check what happened last year. We did the same thing.''

When it was pointed out that the starters actually threw one fewer start this spring last year, Cora was ready for that, too.