Bedard: Michael Bennett is nearing the end but he fits Patriots perfectly

(Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Ah, Bill Belichick. Man, he's fun to watch this time of year. Not every move works out, but there's a definite method to the madness.

Trey Flowers doesn't (as of yet) want to take the Patriots' contract offer(s), which likely are not at the megabucks level he could earn as an unrestricted free agent?

Hello, Michael Bennett. Much lower price, likely lower production but the valuation makes sense — if Bennett remains healthy (he'll be 34 in November).

(And, no, the Patriots did NOT try to trade for him before last season.)

Plug, play. The machine known as the New England Patriots just keeps chugging. Wouldn't be surprised if they bring brother Martellus back at tight end as well.

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What should you expect from Bennett?