On The Beat: Five questions about the Crew with The Massive Report’s Ralph Schudel

Much in the same way Chris spoke with the opposition's beat writers during the Patriots season, we're hoping to do that during the Revolution season. And for our first installment, we're lucky to have with us Ralph Schudel, who covers Columbus for The Massive Report, a Crew-centered blog.


BSJ: Obviously the Crew have been saved from Anthony Precourt and the feared move to Austin. And obviously, I’m sure the mood around town has done a complete 180 with the Haslems and Edwards families securing the team and the funding for a new stadium. But tell me and our members: Just how relieved are you are the other guys and gals at The Massive Report and the Columbus Dispatch, not to mention the fan base, at still having the team in town, pretty much in perpetuity? How does this restore the fan base’s faith in the club?