League: Officials missed five calls in final 8 seconds of Bucks-Celtics

(Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Every day it's needed, the NBA releases a review of the officiating for the final two minutes of play in games that are close (within five points). It's an attempt at transparency by the league but it's usually not worth spending much time on for most games since it's not worth analyzing calls in games that are over after the fact. Officials do their best but they make mistakes every game like we all would in their possession.

However, the conclusion of Thursday's Bucks-Celtics game looked a little different than usual when Friday's report surfaced, largely due to the sheer volume of errors. All in all, five mistakes were made by officials in the closing eight seconds of the game. Let's take a look at a few of the miscues and the domino effect they all had.

Missed call 1: Giannis travels with eight seconds remaining: The Greek Freak should have been whistled for two travels in the final 68 seconds, but this was a fairly big one. Prior to Marcus Smart tying him up for a jump ball, Antetokounmpo lifted his pivot foot according to the video review. This would have given the ball to Boston with 8.1 seconds remaining. Instead, a jump ball was whistled with 3.7 seconds remaining.