Red Sox

Red Sox Notebook: Brad Stevens drops in on Red Sox

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- What does a busy basketball coach do with his free time during NBA All-Star weekend? Why, come watch a little spring training baseball, of course.

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens made his second visit in as many years to the Red Sox' Fenway South complex here Sunday, standing with Alex Cora, Tony La Russa and Dave Dombrowski to watch some bullpen sessions and batting practice

"For me to be here and watch this and get a chance to spend time and listen to Alex and Tony and Dave, it's an incredible group,'' said Stevens. "I think you get so much more out of talking to people who are in the same line of work but in different sports. You're all dealing with the same things on a day-to-day basis: the challenges of team, the challenge of being the best you can be. These guys are amazing at it.