Marcus Morris on teammates’ reaction to his critical comments: ‘For the most part, everyone agreed with me’

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Marcus Morris acknowledged on Monday that frustration had built up when he made highly critical postgame comments after Saturday’s loss to the Clippers. However, his teammates were receptive to the remarks according to the veteran forward when the team addressed them ahead of Monday’s practice in Allston.

"For the most part, you know, everybody agreed with me,” Morris said. “Coach, he thought it was the right thing to say. More to the fact of, I could have basically kept that in house and talked to my teammates, but you guys caught me at a good time. I was hot. I just spoke what was real. I didn't take it out of context or point anybody out. I just said as a whole. I just felt like we've got to enjoy this process. You know, when we’re up 20 or up 30, it has to seem like we're up 20 to 30, and I think that stretches out around the league. That's just basically it."

"It's not fun when we're not playing the right way,” added Al Horford when asked about Morris’ remarks. "I just think it was a tough one. In the past two games, we've dominated teams at times, we just didn't come up with the results we wanted.”

Brad Stevens was happy to see Morris speak his mind and do so while attaching accountability instead of doing it anonymously.

“That one of the things that we say at the very beginning of the year is that we don’t want to be a team quoted of unnamed sources,” he explained. “So if you’re going to say something, you’ve got to put your name next to it. And Marcus’ frustrations were obvious and evident, and you know what, in a lot of ways, I thought he said a lot of stuff that you can’t really argue with, in the last two games. So we need to be a lot better than we were at finishing out games and handling adverse situations in games, and go from there. But as long as we can put our name next to it, I’m good.”

Morris also went deeper into the motivation for his remarks on Monday, voicing his championship aspirations for this group with the hope that the team can rally around the situation.