Super Bowl LIII

Bedard’s SB LIII Breakdown: Offense – Give the players, not coaches the praise on touchdown drive

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

A lot has been made in the aftermath of Super Bowl LIII about the adjustment Josh McDaniels made on the Patriots' touchdown drive that eventually won the game.

Bill Belichick raved about it in his postgame press conference. Peter King and others wrote about it. This tends to happen in these types of games and with this Patriots team in particular: there had to be some genius at play, and the mundane gets overpraised.

This isn't really about McDaniels. As usual, he had another great gameplan, the Rams were just up for the challenge and their team speed and physicality was unlike just about anything the Patriots have seen probably since the Vikings game.

I just think the oversimplification of the final sequence doesn't give enough credence to two more important things on that drive: miscues by the Rams, and flat-out great plays by the Patriots' players.