Making sense of latest developments in Anthony Davis trade demand saga

(Harry How/Getty Images)

It's been an avalanche of news over the past two days since Anthony Davis officially made his trade demand public on Monday morning to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com, with the goal of landing with a contending team. Let's try to make sense of all the reports (sometimes conflicting) that have surfaced since then, how certain teams and agents are likely trying to posture publicly, and sort through what's believable, what matters and what can be ignored.

Development No. 1 (Monday afternoon) Is Kyrie not staying after all? 

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports came out with an alarming piece for Celtics fans on Monday evening that emphasized that Boston is not considered a top landing spot for Davis personally, according to sources, since "There’s a growing belief of uncertainty that Kyrie Irving will re-sign with Boston, sources said, even though he vowed to do so at the beginning of the season.”

Reaction: How should you interpret this? A league source indicated to BostonSportsJournal.com on Tuesday that the Celtics still feel very good about their standing with Irving over the long haul. Seeing that the Celtics will not be able to land Davis via trade until Irving makes a decision about his future (i.e. re-sign with them in July), the wording of this report does not make a lot of sense from a logic standpoint. Teaming up Irving and Davis has always been the plan for Boston and if Irving has doubts about staying in Boston, you can bet Danny Ainge would have an idea about that by now and consider moving the All-Star guard. That's not happening, according to