NBA Notebook: Evaluating the market for nine key players at trade deadline

(Barry CHin/Boston Globe/Getty Images)

With the trade deadline just under two weeks away, the rumors will start flying fast and furious over the next 10 days. While you will hear plenty of familiar names on the block, what kind of value are they expected to fetch? Let’s take a look at nine key names that many expect to be on the move and see what it will take for them to find new homes after talking with front office personnel from around the league.

Jeremy Lin
Contract: 1 year remaining at $13.7 million
Overview: The Hawks have wisely kept his minutes down all year off the bench in hopes of ensuring his health and solid numbers at the trade deadline. He has delivered on both counts, shooting a career-high 49 percent from the field while averaging 10.9 points per game. He’s one of the few difference-maker guards that will be on the block this fall, so it’s fair to guess that the Hawks will be holding out hope for a first round pick for his services. That won’t happen unless Atlanta is willing to swallow a bad contract back for next year, otherwise, a couple of second round picks seems like a sure bet. His $13.7 million salary will make it a little tougher than usual to find a match, but he’s playing well enough where some playoff team will roll the dice on him.
Possible suitors: Kings, Blazers, Pelicans, 76ers
Trade value? A first-round pick (if taken with a bad deal) or two second-round picks

DeWayne Dedmon
Contract: 1 year remaining at $7.2 million
Overview: The 29-year-old center has added a 3-point shot to his game over the past two seasons to increase his versatility. He’s a strong rim protector and an elite defensive rebounder, which makes him an ideal candidate for a team looking for an improved defensive presence off the bench. He’s too old for Atlanta to want to retain over their rebuilding plan, so they will take what they can get for him ahead of Feb. 7.
Possible suitors: Sixers, Hornets, Blazers
Trade value? Second-round picks