2018 AFC Playoffs

Bedard: Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels send another scheme, coordinator into irrelevance

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

FOXBOROUGH — A headstone in a gridiron graveyard...

It's taken up residence in a freshly dug plot right alongside:

- Tony Dungy's Tampa 2
- Dick LeBeau's zone blitz
- Keith Butler's zone coverage
- Romeo Crennel's 3-4

Tom Brady has been a certified serial killer when it comes to trendy NFL pass defenses that work great in the regular season against less-advanced quarterbacks. But when the money is on the line or in the postseason, Brady annihilates them.

Brady and offensive coordinator/partner in (this) crime(wave) Josh McDaniels were just one of the many reasons why the Patriots overwhelmed the Chargers 35-7 in the first half on Sunday, and then cruised to a 41-28 victory in an AFC divisional playoff game. But they might have been the biggest.

Brady slayed the Cover 3 made famous by Pete Carroll in Seattle with the Legion of Boom, a defense that has now spread to Atlanta, Jacksonville and San Francisco.

If any NFL coaches were watching this game, they might very well have second thoughts about allowing it to spread any further.

Brady was 34 of 44 for 343 yards and one touchdown for a rating of 106.5 against the Chargers. He hardly looked like he broke a sweat. Only two of his passes were touched by a defender, and one was at the line of scrimmage. Not many of his passes were even contested.

This is decidedly not abnormal for Brady against this scheme. Just look at his record (7-1) and stats against it since the Seattle Super Bowl.