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Red Sox, Mookie Betts reach $20 million settlement, avoid arbitration with 11 others

The third time, apparently, was the charm for the Red Sox and Mookie Betts.

Two years ago, before Betts first qualified for salary arbitration, the team renewed -- that is, unilaterally imposed -- his salary for the 2017 season.

Last year, the two sides couldn't reach an agreement and went to an arbitration hearing, with Betts ($10.5 million) prevailing over the club (which had filed at $7.5 million).

But this year, with less than an hour before the two sides were due to exchange figures and head to arbitration again, Betts and the Sox reached a settlement for $20 million, according to baseball sources.

It was a fruitful day altogether for the Red Sox, who reached agreement with the remainder of their salary-arbitration players, getting deals done --dating back to December -- with all 12 players who were eligible.

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