2019 SuperDraft: Breaking down the defensive midfielders and defenders

Yesterday, we broke down the offensive-minded players. Today, we move on to the defensive half of the pitch.

While the top half is rather talented, the defensive midfield of this class, we think, is rather thin. There are only three or four defensive center mids, maybe five, that are pretty good; even if they are depth pieces, they can help a team.

In the back line, though, there is some talent there that can help many a club in defending.

Let’s start today’s breakdowns with the defensive midfielders.


Anderson Asiedu, UCLA

Despite standing 5-foot-6, Asiedu received a lot of praise during the Combine game Saturday. He has a motor, is solid in defending and with his dispossession skills, a strong right, a great burst of pace. He also makes things happen, and has some escapability under pressure. He’s also an international player, so we’ll see who wants to spend a precious slot on a hard worker.

Andrew Samuels, Maryland

Samuels is gangly, about 5-foot-9, 150 pounds, and he is skilled. But in my notes of watching his film, I inquire, “Can he play at the MLS level?” He may be undersized, unless he hits the weight room. Don’t know if he’ll be able to hang with larger midfielders/strikers.

Sam Brown, Harvard

There was little film on Brown: I called Harvard’s Sports Information office last week, and they emailed me a 25-second clip of him scoring with a powerful right foot from distance. He’s a big young man with