MLS Notebook: New jerseys take 18 months to create, Revs Academy in Boston, SuperDraft upon us, more

It’s turning into an annual New Year’s Eve tradition: right as the ball drops in Times Square, the Revolution go up on social media and drop the newest jersey for the fandom’s eyes. Last year, it was the primary jersey, the dark navy blue shirt with vertical stripes under the Crayon Crest.

This year, the Revs introduced the newest secondary change strip, a Colonial-inspired kit. It is a predominantly white jersey with light blue side panels from armpit to waist, and replaces the half and half red and white jersey the Revolution have used the last two seasons when playing on the road.

Revs marketing director Cathal Conlon told this week that the entire process — from conception to design and the ultimate drop on New Year’s Eve, right at midnight — takes 18 months from start to finish.