Robb: The troubling numbers within Terry Rozier’s shot selection

(Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

There was always going to be risk for Terry Rozier when he turned down a contract extension from the Celtics this fall. He knew his role was going to be diminished on this team but he bet on himself and the fact that his skillset would still shine in limited minutes against bench opponents. That and the prospect of a big payday in free agency next summer were too enticing to turn down, a very understandable position.

Yet, a closer look at his numbers 34 games into the season reveals some troubling trends. The Celtics are a lot worse defensively when Rozier is on the court and that’s a problematic sign for a fourth-year guard that is usually matched up against second units. He’s had his good nights and bad nights on that end, and Thursday night was one of the bad ones

However, the more pressing concern for me right now is on the offensive end. His shooting has regressed from an efficiency standpoint as well, with Rozier knocking down just 37 percent of his shots on the year, right in line with his career average.

While he’s still hitting 3s (35 percent) at a respectable clip, his game inside the arc has taken a bigger step back. The best shot in the league from 2-point range is at the rim and that’s simply an area Rozier is not getting to much this season.