After a second team meeting, Celtics show best version of themselves against Hornets

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Team meetings happen all the time in the NBA. Sometimes we hear about them, sometimes we don’t. Two meetings in a 24-hour period is a bit unusual, and that’s exactly what happened ahead of the Celtics’ 119-103 drubbing of the Hornets on Sunday night.

“To be quite candid, we walked out of there and we said we’re going to continue this tomorrow,” Brad Stevens admitted on Sunday night of the team’s postgame meeting from Friday. “We spent another hour and a half yesterday, and again, those are the moments in coaching that you can’t explain, that’s what it’s all about if it's well-intentioned and if it’s not off the rails. And it was the furthest from that.”

The Celtics had seemingly righted the ship during an eight-game winning streak, but it was evident that old habits were starting to creep back during a three-game slide capped off by Friday’s ugly loss to the Bucks. Guys were fighting for themselves and their stats instead of the team in sections of the game while letting their defensive focus wane, and the results were indicative of that type of attitude. On a national stage, the Celtics were embarrassed at home and tensions finally rose to the surface. A frank discussion was warranted, and it’s clear egos were not spared, even if things ended on a positive note.